Are you considering senior housing for your loved one? Many people are resistant to this type of care. This is understandable considering that they’ve been living in their homes for many years. Another major reason for resistance is that they imagine that these facilities are a place where people go to wait for death. 
If you’re in Salisbury, MD or the surrounding areas, you should take some time to visit us. Calcos Assisted Living will change your perception of senior living. We provide an environment in which seniors can thrive. 
Our facilities are designed to provide a safe environment for seniors. The design of the facility takes into account mobility and accessibility for residents. We have incorporated various features to encourage mobility and independence for residents. 
We don’t believe that age should restrict anyone from living to their fullest. We provide seniors with an environment in which they can thrive. Unlike the home environment which can often be isolating, our facilities offer seniors many opportunities for socializing and intellectual stimulation. There are various social activities to take part in including field trips and cultural events. We also provide seniors with more opportunities to learn new skills and therefore remain stimulated intellectually. 
If you’re in Salisbury, Fruitland, Quantico or the surrounding areas and are looking for a facility where your loved one will thrive, get in touch with us today. Our staff consists of medical experts as well as skilled and trained professionals dedicated to ensuring the safety and health of our residents. We are committed to providing a holistic approach to health. Residents receive expert medical care, wholesome meals as well as physical and mental stimulation to ensure all round health. 
Get in touch with us today. We’d be happy to give you a tour of our facilities and discuss your needs.

Senior Living