There are times when you need a break. Whether you’re taking care of an elderly loved one with special needs or need specialized care yourself, a change in routine can go a long way. If you’re in Delmar, MD or the surrounding area and are considering respite care for yourself or your loved one, get in touch with us at Calcos Assisted Living. 
Our services are a great solution for temporary elderly home care or assisted living. Our care services are ideal for primary caregivers who need to take a break for travel or just for the sake of it. We understand just how stressful it can be to care for an elderly loved one with special needs. 
You can rest assured that your loved one is in good hands with us. We provide a welcoming environment for all our residents. Your loved one will feel right at home from the word go. Our expert staff will take into consideration their special needs in order to design a care plan that is tailored to suit them.
Our care services are also designed to give your loved one the opportunity for a change in pace. Those being cared for can also get stressed and overwhelmed by the same daily routine. Our care services provide them with the opportunity for a change in routine. We’ll expose your loved one to a stimulating environment that will be good for them mentally, physically and emotionally. 
If you’re in Delmar, Princess Anne, Fruitland or the surrounding areas and are trying to decide on the best care options for your elderly loved one, our temporary care solutions could be just what you need to make the decision. We’ll give you the opportunity to see what assisted living is all about. 
Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Elderly Home Care