Welcome to Calco's Assisted Living

If you have an elderly parent or relative, you will be faced with many difficult decisions. One of the many decisions you’ll have to make is whether they will need more daily care than they are currently receiving in their home environment. 
 Many seniors resist change especially when it involves relocating to a whole new home environment. At Calcos Assisted Living we understand just how difficult it is for seniors and their families to adjust to a new way of living. However, we believe that assisted living is one of the best options for seniors requiring more care. 

We provide assisted living facilities in Quantico, MD, and the surrounding areas. We will provide your loved one with a better quality of life and the opportunity for improved health. We take pride in ensuring the happiness of those under our care. 
Many seniors imagine that assisted living is like moving into a hospital. Our facilities are nothing like that. We provide seniors with a vibrant environment in which to enjoy their sunset years. Our facilities provide a fun, social and convenient environment. 
We have created an environment that encourages socialization amongst seniors. There are planned outings and activities that are not only fun for residents but also provide them with the opportunity to socialize and learn about the world around them. 
We are committed to providing our residents with a safe environment. We have created an environment that is designed to encourage mobility amongst seniors. We ensure greater accessibility for seniors while providing medical attention and expert care. 
Our facilities are designed to provide intellectual stimulation for seniors. Our community provides seniors with the opportunity to continue learning, interact with other seniors and stay active. We’re committed to giving seniors in Quantico, Salisbury, Fruitland, and the surrounding area the opportunity to enjoy their sunset years.